In today’s quickly diversifying world, the ability to communicate in Spanish—both with employees and customers—serves as a competitive advantage.

SpanishPRO gives professionals:
  • An active knowledge of workplace Spanish
  • Mastery of important job-related terminology
  • Training that's hands-on, quick, effective and easy
  • The ability to serve the fastest-growing customer base in the country

The SpanishPRO System



Learn the fundamentals
of workplace Spanish



Advance your Spanish skills to the next level and accelerate your career



Command the language to communicate daily at work

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Give Students an Advantage

Our training system is comprehensive, challenging and ready to be implemented

While workplace Spanish language training is in high demand, implementing infrastructure to deliver it can be expensive and time-consuming. That’s where SpanishPRO comes in—featuring training based on a proven experiential model that gives higher learning institutions:
  • Academically rigorous content
  • College-based student credentialing
  • Major time and cost savings
  • The ability to serve the community
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Optimize your Job Performance

Our programs make Spanish easy to learn, and to use with coworkers and customers

With 40 million Spanish speakers in the US, SpanishPRO offers courses in Chicago taught by certified instructors and designed to help you meet your job-related goals.

Available in three levels
  • 1 Basic

    2 Intermediate

    3 Advanced

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Teach Workplace Spanish

Augment your offering with a complete workplace Spanish training system

SpanishPRO combines expertly designed content with professional certifications as part of the only comprehensive curriculum in the U.S. to teach workplace Spanish.
  • Exceptional content at affordable prices
  • College-based student credentialing
  • A complete, practitioner-based system
  • Market-ready trainer certifications (CWLI)
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About SpanishPRO

The Institute for Workforce Education of St. Augustine College,
a national leader in workforce development products and training, and Instituto Cervantes, the world’s leading ambassador for Spanish language and culture, have teamed up to provide organizations the best of both worlds—vocational, on-the-job training expertise and the best Spanish language content.

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